Twin Feeding Pillows available to hire- for either breast or bottle fed babies. Please contact our Equipment Coordinator for further information OR click here to organise hire


Milk Bar

The Milkbar Twin Nursing Pillow has been designed with a lactation consultant to be the perfect feeding pillow for twins. Breastfeeding mothers of single babies are also often choosing the Twin Nursing Pillow due to the generous size and comfortable, stabilising adjustable waist strap.

The Milkbar Twin Nursing Pillow features the following, allowing for easier, and more comfortable feeding of twins;

  • A raised middle section allowing for the recommended method of feeding twins, in the football position

  • Fully adjustable clip mechanism allows for comfortable hands free attachment. This means that both hands can be used for holding the babies.

  • Rotating the pillow makes the pillow suitable for single baby use.


The Milkbar Twin Nursing Pillow comes with a cover that is fully machine washable, perfect for spills or accidents.

CAUTION: The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow should only be used while in a sitting position. You should hold your babies at all times.

Double Cuddle (currently all hired out)




The Double Cuddle is designed to aid in bottle feeding twins between the ages of newborn to 4 months. The inventor advises to stop using it around 4 months before the baby starts to roll.

You place the pillow on a low flat surface (never on a table or bed) and position the babies within the pillow. Pop the bottles in and watch your happy babies feeding together.

The Double cuddle’s neck support is on a 15 degree angle to enhance digestion and relieve the symptoms of reflux, colic and breathing difficulties.

The face is raised above the top section of the pillow so the baby doesn't have the feeling of being swallowed up by the pillow which allows good air flow around the babies’ faces.

The pillow is made of polyurethane foam. The foam has undergone antibacterial treatment. It has a removable waterproof terry-cloth cover which is zipped on over the foam which is breathable and able to draw moisture. The foam and cover is designed to stretch slightly to accommodate a growing baby.

Feeding the two babies together saves plenty of time. The inventor would expect to take anything up to 30 minutes to feed each baby but with the Double Cuddle you half the time by feeding both at the same time.

Most importantly when it comes to the babies’ safety which is paramount, the inventor stresses that this is a feeding aid and not a sleeping device and that you should follow the safety instructions on the pillow. The most crucial caution being "NEVER LEAVE BABIES UNATTENDED".

My Brest Friend




Twin Plus Nursing Pillow Features

  • Extra comfort and support for breastfeeding twins

  • Suggested for plus sizes

  • Easy to wash, baby soft, plush zip off nursing pillow cover

  • Adjustable back support

  • Secure wrap around twin nursing pillow design


There are many reasons to consider breastfeeding your twins simultaneously including:


  • Breastfeeding two babies at a time is usually faster than breastfeeding one baby after the other. Time saving strategies are crucial when feeding two babies the typical 8-12 times a day.

  • Research has demonstrated that mothers of twins who breastfeed simultaneously, have a higher prolactin level. Prolactin is the key hormone responsible for signalling milk production.

  • It can also be difficult to bottle feed two babies at a time but with the help of the My Brest Friend Twins Plus Feeding Nursing pillow, both babies can receive your attention at once.