NWMBC Privacy Policy

Policy derived and adapted from Australian Multiple Birth Association Policy (dated 5 March 2006)

Effective 1 September 2010



The North West Multiple Birth Club Inc (NWMBC) is a non-profit organisation offering information, and support to families of multiples. It has many sectors and activities. NWMBC gathers information from members to distribute publications and collate statistical information. NWMBC understands individuals' concerns regarding confidentiality and takes seriously its obligations in respect of all information it gathers.


Privacy Policy Framework


This framework ensures the organisation including all its volunteers with office bearing positions collect, use, hold, correct and disclose personal information in a manner that reflects the amended Privacy Act (1988).


Privacy Policy


All personal information collected by all sectors of the North West Multiple Birth Club Inc will comply with the Privacy Principles (PPs) as detailed below and as amended from time to time.


How and why we collect Personal Information


a. Nature of information: 


The information we collect, in most cases, relates to our members and subscribers but can relate to suppliers and other parties with which we deal. Personal Information is gathered for a range of purposes, including: the provision of information; the compiling of subscriber and membership lists; and internal fundraising within the association. In this policy 'personal information' means any information or opinion about an individual from which her/his identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained.


b. Collection of information: 


In accordance with the PPs, where practical, you may deal with us on an anonymous basis.


ABN 11 557 869 150

PO Box 188

Keilor VIC 3036

email: info@nwmbc.org.au

website: www.nwmbc.org.au


Personal information is collected directly from you when you provide this information by phone or in documents such as membership forms and subscription forms. When personal information is collected from you, you will be advised at the time of collection or as soon as practical after its collection as to: the purpose of collection and the fact that you can gain access to the Personal Information.


c. Sensitive information: 


NWMBC may collect data for statistical reasons. 


What we do with your information


In general only volunteers with office bearing positions may view your personal information. We will only grant access to other parties other than our volunteers with office bearing positions of NWMBC to view personal information only when it is necessary and in your best interests for those people to view that personal information.


NWMBC will only disclose personal information to parties other than our volunteers with office bearing positions of NWMBC if:


  • that disclosure is required to give effect to the purpose for which we collected the Personal Information; 

  • you have consented to that disclosure; 

  • we are required by law to disclose this information; or

  • the third party is NWMBC’s agent or contractor and is required by us to keep that personal information confidential and will only use that information for the purpose for which it is disclosed. 


Quality and Security of Personal Information


We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate and provide opportunities for individuals to update their personal information.


Personal Information is stored in both hard copy and on computer. Reasonable steps will be taken by NWMBC to ensure that hard copies of personal information and personal information stored on computers are secure.


We regularly delete, destroy or de-identify personal information if the information is no longer needed by us.




This Privacy Policy is available on NWMBC’s website. Hard copies are available on request from NWMBC by contacting the NWMBC Membership Secretary.


Further information on privacy can be obtained from the Privacy Commissioner. Any queries with respect to this Privacy Policy should be directed to NWMBC’s President at PO Box 188, Keilor VIC 3036.


How to Access and Correct Your Personal Information


You can access or update your personal information at any time by contacting our Membership Secretary. Access is generally granted within 30 days of that request.


A request by an individual to access their personal information may be withheld in a certain number of limited circumstances, as per the Privacy Act (1988).


Where NWMBC does withhold personal information, we may instead choose to give you a summary of that information.


IdentifiersNWMBC does not use any prohibited identifiers (for example tax file or health care card numbers).




You are able to access information from NWMBC anonymously. However personal information will be collected if you become a member.


Transborder data flows


NWMBC sees no reason at the present time why information would be transferred overseas.


Modifications to this document 

NWMBC may modify this Privacy Policy and the way it handles personal information at any time at its sole discretion. Such modifications will be reflective of current privacy legislation.